Meet the Founder Jay Millar

I believe in the power and goodness of men. Every day, men feel compelled to prove they are capable in work, education, school, sports, and life.  How do we become capable?  Did you ever think about where and how we invest money to improve ourselves?  From education, gym memberships, professional training, music lessons, grilling classes, marketing training, and more.  Heck, we even spend hundreds of dollars to train our dog.  However very few men intentionally invest in themselves to become the best husband, father, and provider we can be.  

My story and passion for leading my family and mentoring men is a bit unique.

I grew up in a home filled with domestic violence and alcoholism.  My parents divorced when I was ten years old.  My father passed away before I turned 30.  Because of this I never had a father speaking into my life. Life is hard when you have a guide, it is brutally hard when you are figuring things out on your own.  I had no choice but to fill the void of fatherly advice with friends, mentors, and books. You may be the same or you may have had a more active father, there are but also those who have a father that doesn’t have the breadth of experience to offer advice.  

I’m not a professional counselor (but I am an amateur psychologist).  I don’t have accolades that show my credentials.  I am like you.

Today, I’m fortunate to have a wife who has helped make me a better man and three amazing boys, all in their early twenties, making their way in this world with more confidence and peace than I had at that age.

My experience mentoring men and my sons.

Because of being deprived of an active father, I now have the heart to help men on their journey. It began with the plan to intentionally speak into the life of my own boys over 25 years ago.  For the past 20 years, I have mentored men.  First, I organized a group of men to read a book and talk about how it applied to our lives.  We called it “Book Club”.  Now after hundreds of group events and even more one on one events at coffee shops, at breakfast, lunch, or over a beer, I have learned we all face the same challenges, maybe in different ways, but they are not unique to anyone man.  I want to help as many men as possible which is why I founded My Virtual Dad

Why My Virtual Dad?

Men are amazing but they need help.  The statistics reveal the need.  Men are in danger more than ever before.  With divorce rates consistently between 40-50%, dropout rates, depression, substance abuse, and suicide are all on the rise.  I learned the hard way, how to succeed in the basics of life, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.  

I’ve discovered that men need to know two primary things.  

  1. They are not alone - we all face struggles of some sort

  2. There is practical life training that will dramatically improve your confidence and peace in leading yourself, your family, and your life. 

In My Virtual Dad, we acknowledge that we are all facing battles.  I have consolidated the most powerful lessons learned by reading hundreds of books and discussing with thousands of men in groups and one on one meetings.   

This is why I am here.  My Why is to help men who want to find their way in this world and are looking for a little help.